• AISSE 2020-21..School Toppers - Namratha A S (97.4%), Sneha Bijukumar (97.4%), Fahad Shihabudeen (96.8%). Of the 37 students registered, three got A1 in all subjects and 7 got above 90%.

Our Vision

"He who opens a school door, closes a prison."
- Victor Hugo
  • To educate every child, promoting high-quality educational environment, holistic development, academic excellence, and responsible global citizenship.
  • Develop a creative mind, which will search for a new way of being and doing at every point of life.
  • Instill in their minds an aspiration for leadership towards growth and change.
  • Creating a respectful working environment for students and staff and providing a personalized and student-centered approach to learning.
  • Promoting equity and social justice and celebrating diversity.